Scarlet Letter Bible

The Scarlet Letter Bible is so named because it’s likely to be just a little scandalous to the folks who think Jesus really said everything verbatim in the Red Letter editions commonly found in Christian bookstores. It’s two things:

  1. The scarlet part is part translation, part paraphrase, part imaginative interpretation. The aim here is to convey a provocative reading of the Bible’s intent that can be understood in current terms. It’s not about technical linguistic accuracy, more like impact accuracy.
  2. The black part is commentary. It’s meant to be edifying for people who read the Bible from the point of view of
    1.  spiritual seekers,
    2. disaffected Christians and other Jesus followers for whom the traditional line no longer makes sense,
    3. pastors and all churchgoers in stuck churches who want to get their church unstuck,
    4. agnostics, atheists and secular humanists who are open to receiving wisdom from ancient texts,
    5. people of other faiths who are curious about the Bible and want to read it without being proselytized.

The Scarlet Letter Bible is written and published by Caspar Green, who holds an undergraduate degree in Physics, a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies, and who was a Pastor for 20 years before retiring. He lives in Jay, NY with his wife, Brooke and his son, Silas.


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