Baptism Redefined

enlightenmentMark 1:9-11

That was when Jesus came. He arrived from Nazareth and John dunked him in the Jordan River. As he emerged from the water he saw the universe as it really is, and he felt it resonate to his core: that he was God’s precious child, and God was joy.

Baptism is the moment when you connect with the universe and know who you are. It’s the moment when you experience every atom in your body resonating with the vibrations of the air all around you, and you simply know without anyone having to tell you.

We talk about baptism as if it were something that happens in church, as a rite of initiation, as an affirmation of faith, as a symbolic action. But its not. It’s an experience that will happen in its own way according to who you are. Call it enlightenment. Call it alignment. Call it self-awareness. Whatever you call it, it is the joyful, awesome moment when you know in your bones that you are in sync with the world. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with holy water or church.

Remember that moment. That’s the moment on which the meaning of your life turns. Stay true to that moment and, come what may, all will be well.