2 Paradoxes and the Common Good

Paradox by Andrew

1 Corinthians 12:4-7

There are many ways of being spiritual, but the point of being spiritual is always the same. You can serve in any number of ways, but it’s always about serving Jesus. There are lots of things to do, but the energy to do them for everyone in every case comes from God. So whatever you have, its for the common good.

It’s when we miss the point that things go wrong, even if we’re “spiritual.” In fact, 99.44% of the trouble (church trouble, political trouble, job trouble, family trouble, personal trouble) stems from missing the point.

That point? That it’s about the common good.

Sure, we want it to be about us. But it’s not. And any road to “what’s good for us” that doesn’t pass through the common good is a dead end.

Two paradoxes:

  1. When you do something for the common good instead of for yourself, you end up better off yourself. But it doesn’t work if your motive for doing something for the common good is to end up better off yourself.
  2. When you do something in which you completely forget yourself, you end up doing what it is uniquely yours to do, and you become completely yourself.