Do Love

outstretched hand
Photo credit: <a href="">Jeff Kubina</a>

1 John 3:18-24

Kids, love doesn’t happen by just talking about it. Love happens when we do it. Whenever we’re in doubt we can know, and God knows, that our hearts are in the right place by doing love. God is more than just what our hearts tell us. When we do God’s work, we receive whatever we need, just for the asking, so do God’s work and ask boldly. And this is God’s work, that we embody Jesus and love one another. This is what God wants, and all who take on this work are with God, and have God’s spirit.

It’s possible to spend a lot of time second-guessing what’s the right thing. John says we don’t have to guess. The right thing, according to John, is always the loving thing. Out of all the possibilities available in any given moment, one will be – without fail (“we receive whatever we need”) – the most loving one.

Let’s be clear. The most loving action is not always the easiest. Nor is it the thing we wish we could do, but can’t. (It may seem to be really loving to try to solve someone else’s dilemma for them, but I can’t do what someone else must, nor is it probably the most loving thing of me to do what they must do themselves.) Love is always an option that is available, right here, right now.

Let’s also be clear about this, because John is. Loving isn’t just wishing well for someone else, or saying “I’ll pray for you.” Someone who is hungry can’t eat your prayers. Let your prayer and love be giving them something to eat. What St. Francis said about preaching goes for praying and for loving too. Do it at all times, and when necessary, use words.