Empires Come and Go

Fall of Jerusalem2 Kings 25:8-12

On August 14, 586 B.C.E (which was the 19th year of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon), Nebuzaradan, the commander of the king’s crack troops came to Jerusalem. He burned the temple, the palace, and the rest of the city. He burned the whole thing to the ground. And the whole army tore down the walls around the city. General Nebuzaradan took everyone who was left away into exile. Even the turncoats who had supported Babylon were taken. The only people left were the poorest of the poor, the nobodies. They were left to work the vineyards and farms.

Here’s the real-life story behind Jesus’ so-called parable of the evil vineyard tenants.

The thing to remember about empires is that as powerful as they are, and as many people as they affect. They’re built solely on hubris. Advancing technology, economic theory, not even God, has ever saved a single one of them.

The empire surrounding Jerusalem falls to Babylon.
Which falls to Persia.
Which falls to Medea.
Which falls to Greece.
Which falls to Rome.
Which falls to the Goths.
Which falls to Charlemagne.
Which falls to Spain.
Which falls to France.
Which falls to England.
Which falls to America.
Which falls to …

You get the picture. Hubris.

Lesson? Don’t bother to build an empire. And certainly don’t expect God to bless, or save, your empire. Better to find a way to help all the people who are falling off the imperial wall.