Jan 162012

Scarlet Journey, 2012 CoverScarlet Letter Bible is pleased to announce a Lenten Bible Study for Lent 2012.

The complete series of six studies from Mark’s Gospel, The Scarlet Journey, includes:

  1. Mark 14:3-9. Money and Sex
  2. Mark 14:32-42. Praying for Your Life
  3. Mark 14:66-72. Failure of Nerve
  4. Mark 15:6-15. Non-Violent Action vs. Armed Rebellion
  5. Mark 15:21-32. What Would You Die For?
  6. Mark 15:40-47. What Remains When Dreams Die
  7. An Epilog (with Reflection Questions) on Mark’s Resurrection

The first study is available as a free download. The complete series is available for $7, which entitles you to make as many copies as you need for personal use or a study group.


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    Congratulations on your first e-book. How generous of you to encourage others to use it in study groups and share. Way to go!


    What a beautiful site you have. Much luck with your ebook. It too is beautiful.



    A big congratulations to you on the launch of your e-book. The timing is perfect. A friend of mine suggested that I re-read The New Testament. Your site is beautiful….Looking forward to using it as an inspirational and educational tool. Fran

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