Just Say Yes

Biohazard flagMark 1:40-45

A contaminated man came and knelt in front of him. “You can purify me if you dare.” Enraged, Jesus took him by the hand and said, “Of course I want you to come clean.” And so he was. Then Jesus told him in no uncertain terms, “Go back to the priests and pay the legal fee for the certificate of reinstatement they refused to give. There’s spit in their eye!” But instead he went out and blathered it all over town, so Jesus couldn’t go into town openly. People had to come out to the boonies to see him instead.

I owe “if you dare” to Brother Ched.

To get uncontaminated, according to the law of Moses, you had to pay a fee, get an evaluation by the priest, and then the priest would either grant or deny your request. It wasn’t a medical decision. It was a judgment about your fitness to be a part of society. Like getting into a private club. Some people were blackballed. Jesus let him in.

Sometimes the ability to make someone well is as simple as saying “yes.” Simple, but not without risk.

Someone you’ve helped might go quietly on their way. But if it gets out that you’re accepting applicants who have already been rejected, you’re not going to be welcome in town either.

But take heart! Those who really understand and support what you’re doing will go out of their way to find you.