Is It Kid Tested?

child hugging tree
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Mark 10:13-16

People were bringing children to Jesus for his blessing. But his students gave them grief for doing so. When Jesus saw what was going on he was infuriated, and told them, “Don’t stop them from bringing children to me. Let them come. The goal we’re trying to reach is for them. The truth is, if you can’t approach the goal as a child you’ll never get there.” So he embraced the children, and gave them his blessing.

It’s really very simple. You can gauge the merits of just about any endeavor by running it past the “will this make the world a better place for children” test. Not just your own kids or grand-kids, mind you. All children. Because if you’re really thinking and doing with the goal in mind, they’re all your children.

When Gustavo Dudamel takes kids from the slums of Caracas, Venezuela or South L.A. and turns them into an orchestra playing Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 10 he is leading a revolution, with nothing short of the salvation of the world’s children at its epicenter.


The next time you think about starting something, saying something, creating something – that thing you’re going to do when you get done reading this – do it for the children. Embrace them. Bless them.


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