Just Let It Go

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1 Thessalonians 3:6-10

But now, Tim has just come back from you with the good news that you remain faithful in your love, and that your remembrance of us and longing to see us is the same as ours toward you. Friends, this, your faithfulness, has encouraged us in all our anxiety and mistreatment. So long as you are standing firm, we can go on. We can’t thank God enough for you, for the joy God’s given us through you! We pray around the clock, now more than ever, that we’ll be able to see you in person again to fill in the holes in your faith.

A small victory has been won. The Thessalonian church hasn’t yet capitulated to the pressures of persecution they are under. Nor have they repudiated their personal allegiance to Paul. But even this great relief is short lived, giving way almost immediately to the new anxiety that their faith is still inadequate.

Such is the way with worry. One fear is assuaged, only to give rise to the next one. And the next one beyond that. Nothing is ever safe enough. Always there is the possibility of the next thing going wrong. And, for all the big talk of how great God is, for those who are prone to worry not even the power of God is enough to reassure. And so it goes that the most vociferously faithful are often also the most chronically fearful.

The holes are not in the faith of the other. The holes are in the faith of the worrier. Holes that are only dug deeper by taking increasingly frantic steps to reassure. Holes that can only be filled by stopping to take a breath. And with that breath, letting it go.

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