Fret Less. Live More.

store magzine rack
Photo credit: <a href="">Wesley Fryer</a>

Luke 12:22-23

He told his students, “Don’t fret about life, about what you’ll eat. Don’t obsess about body image, and clothes. There’s way more to life than dining and fashion.”

Granted, this is much easier to say when you’re not particularly worried about the immediacy of food and clothing. And yet, even the well-to-do spend a lot of time fretting over which restaurant they’ll go to, and what they’ll wear when they go there. You need only look at the racks next to the grocery store check-out to see that the vast majority of popular reading centers around diet and fashion.

Jesus takes a much simpler approach. Eat food. Wear clothes. Then get on with the important things. Some of the important things might be making sure your neighbor has something to eat and something to wear. You can tell the important things, because someone will remember what you did for them long after they’ve forgotten what you were wearing when you did it.