Life Is a Love Thing

presents under the christmas tree
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1 John 2:15-17

Don’t be obsessed with the world or all the stuff. God’s love isn’t about the stuff. All that stuff – stuff you crave, stuff you see and want, money to buy all that stuff – it’s just stuff. It’s got nothing to do with God. All that stuff just comes and goes, but when it’s gone, God always remains.

It’s only a few days after Christmas, and how much of the stuff so many people spent so much time and worry over since Black Friday is already broken, forgotten, returned to the store, eaten, or needs new batteries?

Even if you got really good stuff (an iPad? a new car?) there will be new models next year. And the year after that.

But if you were blessed (and you don’t have to be of any special religion to be blessed) you experienced something of love. And you can call that back whenever you want or need it. You can even return it to its sender and still have it. It always remains. It may have been expressed, partly, through the stuff. But it’s not about the stuff.

So don’t be obsessed with the world or all the stuff. Because as it turns out, life isn’t a stuff thing. Life is a love thing.

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