Now What?

Jesus crucified
Image credit: <a href="">Hobvias Sudoneighm</a>

John 19:16b-18

The soldiers took custody of Jesus, and forced him to carry his own cross up to Skull Hill (Golgotha in Aramaic), where they crucified him. They crucified two others on either side of him, with Jesus in the middle.

There is nothing good about Good Friday. It’s everything that’s wrong, unjust, cruel, and ugly on display. It’s shock and awe. It’s what happens to those who dare to say that those in power are wrong. It’s what happens to those who dare not just to opt out of the way things are, but to lead others out as well.

The gospels hold this gruesome image before us and say, “This is what it takes.” With Jesus hang all the 3000 children around the globe who die of malnutrition and dehydration every minute of every day. The gospels hold up this man on a cross as a representation of all the suffering and dying taking place in every moment of every day, as if to say, “See!”

And having witnessed this evil, one remaining question is, Now that you have seen, and now that you know, what are you going to do about it?