Remember, and Do Better

Matthew 5:17-20

Don’t think you can get away with lawbreaking and with not keeping your obligations just because you follow me. These are the foundation I’m building on. Seriously, right and wrong never change, not in the slightest. They are woven into the fabric of creation. So, whoever ignores these universal laws and teaches others to ignore them will wind up at the bottom. But those who pay attention to them and teach them will earn a high reputation in the end. I tell you, unless you keep the law better than the nit-pickers and the fundamentalists, you will never make it.

Ten years after the 9/11 attacks, it’s clear that Jesus was right. Fundamentalists of all stripes have brought us to new lows, whether they claim they are exempt from the law because of their devotion to Mohammed or Jesus, or “my country, right or wrong.”

And yet we have also, in the last ten years, seen stunning examples of grace – starting with those emergency responders who went into the towers and never came out.

On this tenth anniversary, one of the most powerful things those of us who admire and follow Jesus can do is resolve not to let the lawbreakers hide behind the name of Christian any longer.

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