Do Right

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Image credit: <a href="">Lori Greig</a>

1 John 3:1-6

Look here. God has given us the kind of love that makes us God’s children. The only reason nobody else recognizes that fact is that nobody recognized Jesus either. Dearest friends, we are God’s children right now. It remains to be seen what will become of us, but whatever that is we know we’ll end up like Jesus. We’ll see Jesus with undistorted vision. Anyone who puts their hope in him will be vindicated, just as he was vindicated.

But people who continue to do wrong are rebels. Wrongdoing is rebellion. If you’re with Jesus you don’t do wrong, and if you do you haven’t really gotten Jesus.

Some people spend a lot of time second-guessing their faith, fretting over whether they’re “right with God.” Most of this worry can be avoided by simply asking the question, “Am I doing right? Or not?”

This isn’t the same as asking whether you made mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone miscalculates. Everyone fails. The point with mistakes and failures is to learn from them and to not repeat them.

But the question is do we do wrong. Do we do (or fail to do) what we know we need to do. The difference between a mistake and a wrongdoing is deliberation. Whether anyone else in the world recognizes what you’re doing as being right or wrong doesn’t really matter. You know.

And by that alone, you know whether you’re “right with God.” Whether you choose to do anything about that is what remains to be seen.