Song 147 – Abridged

girl with baby
Photo credit: <a href="">SAM Nasim</a>

Psalm 147:1-11, 20c

Give God credit.
It’s good to sing of how great God is.
Because God is generous
An ode to God is appropriate.

God rebuilds Jerusalem,
Gathering in the exiles.
God mends broken hearts,
And bandages the wounded.

God number each star
And names them all.
God is so great and so powerful
That nobody can understand everything God knows.

God restores the abused.
God puts down the abuser.
Sing your thanks to God,
Play music for God on harps

God makes clouds cover the sky,
Makes it rain on the earth,
Makes grass grow on the hills.
God feeds the animals,
And the baby birds when they squawk.

God’s not impressed with horsepower,
And doesn’t care how fast you can run.
God chooses those who heed
And who take hope in God’s constant love.

Give God credit.