Song 148

mountain under dark clouds
Photo credit: <a href="">Ed Lisieski</a>

Psalm 148

Affirm God!
Affirm God from heaven.
Affirm God from the heights.
Affirm God, all God’s messengers.
Affirm God, all God’s contingent.
Affirm God, sun and moon.
Affirm God, all you bright stars.
Affirm God, to the ends of the universe,
Affirm God, whatever else is beyond the universe.

Let them all affirm God,
Because they were made by God’s order
God put them in place,
God set them in unalterable orbits.

Affirm God from earth.
Affirm God, all sea creatures in the depths,
Fire and hail, snow and ash,
Storm winds do God’s bidding,
Every mountain and hill,
Every fruit tree and every cedar,
Wild animals and domesticated animals,
Earthbound animals and flying birds,
Kings and commoners,
Princes and emperors,
Men and women,
Young and old:

Together let them all affirm God,
For God is awesome,
More awesome than earth and heaven

God has renewed the strength of the people
(An affirmation of their faithfulness)
Who are close to God.

Affirm God!