Song 19

Sunrise in Space
Image Credit: Jeff Michelmann

Psalm 19

Heaven tells how great God is
And the sky reveals God’s artistry.

One day tells the next,
And nightly a new discovery
Is revealed in a silence
That echoes around the world
And beyond.

The newly married sun
Emerges from the horizon
To run the race, just for the thrill of it,
From one horizon to the other,
Across the span of the sky,
And nothing avoids the heat.

God’s teaching is perfect,
Life renewing.
God’s saying is trustworthy,
Mind enlightening.
God’s order is true,
Heart rejoicing.
God’s requirements are clear,
Eye opening.
God’s awesomeness is cleansing,
Eternity enduring.

Knowing God
Is totally worth it:
Better than being filthy rich;
Better than being a kid in a candy store;
Even better than sex!

Without doubt, here is a warning!
Stay close to God,
Because you can’t see your own mistakes
Until it’s too late,
And willpower alone won’t keep you out of trouble.
But near God, you’ll be ok,
And cleared of any accusation.

Let me be true,
In what I say to others, and to myself,
That I may find divine acceptance,
Strength, and forgiveness.