Song 25 – Abridged

fork in the road
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Psalm 25:1-10

I dedicate my life to you, God.
I trust in you, God.
Only don’t let me be embarrassed,
And don’t let my enemies get the best of me.
Don’t let anyone who’s relying on you be ashamed.
Instead let the double-crossers be ashamed.

Reveal your way to me, God,
Show me your map,
Lead me to the truth,
Teach me,
For you are the God who rescues me,
You’re the one I’m waiting for.

Remember your mercy, God,
And your constant love –
They go way back.
Don’t remember my youthful folly
Or my screw-ups.
Instead, remember me, the way you love me,
For goodness sake, God.

God is good and honest.
So God teaches wanderers how to get back,
And leads the humble to do what’s right.
God teaches the humble how to proceed.

All the roads on God’s map
Lead to constant love and loyalty
For everyone who will follow God’s directions
And do what God says.