Song 29

Stormcloud over water
Photo credit: <a href="">Mohamed Muha</a>

Psalm 29

You divine beings, Give God credit
For being the best and strongest.
Give God the credit God deserves.
Worship God.

God’s voice carries across the sea.
Like thunder God’s voice carries!
God’s voice is strong.
God’s voice is regal.
God’s voice snaps cedars,
Even the cedars of Lebanon.
God makes Lebanon run around like a calf,
And Syria like an immature wild ox.
God’s voice kindles an inferno.
God’s voice sets off earthquakes,
And Kadesh shakes.
God’s voice tears down oaks,
Strips forests bare,
And evokes shouts of “Glory!” from the temple.

God presides over the flood,
Enthroned, king forever.
May God strengthen God’s people.
May God bless God’s people with peace.