Song 30

Photo credit: <a href="">Leland Francisco</a>

Psalm 30

I will give you a glowing recommendation, God.
Because you helped me up when I was down,
You gave my opponents no reason to celebrate.

I called out to you for help,
And you restored me.
You bought my life back from hell,
And gave me back my life when I was a gonner.

If you believe in God,
Give God credit,
And be thankful to God.
God stays angry only for a moment,
But God’s kindness is life-long.
You may cry through the night,
But in the morning joy returns.

Here’s what happened to me:
I told myself I was invincible.
But all the while it was God, not me
Who was the invincible one.
When God’s protection was gone
I was doomed.
I called out to God in prayer,
“What good will it do if I’m dead
And six feet under?
The dirt won’t give you credit, will it?
My grave won’t tell anyone else how true-blue you are.
God, listen to me! Forgive me!
Help me!”

God, you turned my mourning to dancing.
You have taken off my funeral clothes
And put on my dancing shoes.
Everything I am is for you now,
And I’ll not be silent. Ever.

God, you have my eternal thanks.