Song 51 – Abridged

bloody hands
Image credit: <a href="">Jeff Filman</a>

Psalm 51:1-12

Take it easy on me, God.
Do the loving thing,
Do the impossible thing:
Pretend I never did it.
Even though I’m guilty as hell,
Grant me a full pardon.

I know I’m guilty,
How can I not wallow in my shame?
I’ve broke my promise to you,
Crossed the line, in plain sight.
Nobody would blame you
For sentencing me to what I deserve.
I was born guilty,
Bad to the bone from the moment I was born.

You want the real truth, not just platitudes,
But a heart-felt truth deep down.
Give me an enema. Clean me out.
Wash me. Make me pure again.
I wish I could be happy again!
If only these bones, ground down, could rejoice again!
Don’t look at the mess I am.
Can you please fix what I’ve broken?
Make my heart right again, God.
Make my spirit right again.
Don’t throw me out!
Don’t cut yourself off from me!
Restore me! I’d be so glad
My spirit would be willing to do anything!