Song 62 – Abridged

balance scale
Photo credit: <a href="">Hans Splinter</a>

Psalm 62:5-12

I wait in silence for God,
My only hope.
Only God can ground me, deliver me,
Protect me, calm me.
My reputation and my rescue depend on God,
Who is my unbreakable rock, my fort.

Always trust God, people.
Give God your heart’s desire.
God is our protection.

Poor folk are like the wind.
Rich folk are like a mirage.
Combined they weigh as much
As air on the scales,
Just a puff of wind.

Don’t think strong-arming
Or robbing will do you any good.
And if you come into a windfall
Don’t count on it taking care of you.

God said a thing or two,
And I’ve heard it myself:
Whatever power you have
Comes from God.
And whatever love you enjoy –
That’s God’s, too.
And you, God, measure it
According to what people deserve.