Song 8

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Psalm 8

Oh God! Our ruler!
Your name is the best name on earth!

You outshine the stars!
You’ve built an impenetrable wall
From the cries of Babes and toddlers,
And have silenced the vengeful enemy.

When I look at the sky
You made
The moon and stars
You hung there,
I wonder that you care for people,
Or pay any attention to them at all.

And yet, you’ve made them nearly godlike,
Glorious and privileged
To preside over all creation.
You’ve made everything subject to them:
Domestic animals,
Wild animals,
Birds and fish,
Everything that can be found in the sea.

Oh God! Our ruler!
Your name is the best name on earth!

Several thousand years after the ancient Hebrew poet looked into the sky and uttered these words, we have a vastly different cosmology.

But just because we have been able to see a few million light years deeper into the sky doesn’t make the wonder of it any less. If anything, we’ve seen a great deal more to wonder at.

Just because we can trace the evolution of species doesn’t make watching wildlife any less spectacular. If anything, it makes the diversity of life all the more amazing.

But perhaps the greatest of wonders is the capacity to wonder itself. That is what makes human consciousness nothing short of godlike.

This new years day, may you resolve to hold onto your sense of wonder throughout the year. And may your wonder lead you to exercise a great care of whatever of creation is around you.