Song 90 – Abridged

circle of lifePsalm 90:1-6,13-17

You have been our home from the beginning.
Before the mountains rose,
And before you made the universe and the earth
You are God.

You are the circle of life: dust to dust.
A thousand years ago, to you,
Is only yesterday,
Only a night’s passing.

Our life is like dream slipping away
As the dew settles on the grass:
Fresh as morning dawns,
It withers with the sunset.

How long, God,
Until the circle turns again in our favor?
Reassure us of your love each morning,
So we can rejoice every day.
Make the tally of our good days
Catch up to our bad days,
And bring our years of affliction to an end.

Let us see what you are doing.
Let our children see how great you are.
Be good to us, God.
May our hard work finally pay off.
May our hard work finally pay off.