Song 96

headless statue
Photo credit: <a href="">Erich Ferdinand</a>

Psalm 96

Sing a new song to God.
Everybody sing to God.
Sing to God in appreciation of God’s name,
Telling how every day God comes through.
Go everywhere telling how great God is,
And let everyone know the fantastic things God’s done.

For God is great, and deserves to be acclaimed.
God is better than all the other gods.
Other peoples’ gods are fake,
But God made the universe.
Greatness and awesomeness are God’s introduction,
God is at home in strength and beauty.

People of every ethnicity,
Recognize that God is great and strong.
Recognize that God’s name is the best.
Bring tribute, and come into God’s palace.
Everyone, everywhere worship God,
And fall down in fear.

Go everywhere and say,
“God is King. God made the world, and nobody can change that.
God will make things fair again.”

Celebrate in heaven,
Celebrate on earth,
Let the sea and everything in it cheer,
Let the land and everything on it celebrate.

Then all the trees in the forest will shout with joy,
Because God is coming,
Coming to bring justice to the world.
He will judge fairly,
And everyone will know the truth.