Should You Eat the Caviar?

Photo credit: Bill Holmes

1 Corinthians 10:27-31

If someone invites you to dinner, and you decide to go, eat what they put in front of you. But, if they tell you how they bought the caviar under the table, then excuse yourself as a matter of conscience, not yours so much as theirs. Of course, caviar is caviar no matter how they got it. But if you eat it, they’ll think you condone their misbehavior. If they didn’t make an issue of it, it wouldn’t be an issue. But whatever you do, be known for doing what’s right.

It’s about the company you keep.

And it’s about assuming the best of people, unless they give you a reason to know the worst.

It’s not your business to pry, but it is your obligation to do what’s right based on what you know.

If you don’t then it goes from being a matter on their conscience to being a matter on yours.

Just saying…