It’s Not Just Business. It’s Personal.

Photo credit: <a href="">Sahajah Meditation</a>

3 John 13-15

I could write a lot more, but rather than write, I’m hoping to visit soon. Then we’ll talk.

Be at peace. Your friends here all say hello. Tell our friends there, we say hello, too.

Personal contact is much better for sorting things out. Whether it’s church, business, or family. The more personal, the better. Personal customer service is better than an email. A personal invitation is more likely to get a response than a form letter. A handwritten thank you note communicates more of your gratitude than an e-card.

It’s always been true. But it’s even more true in a digital age where everything is automated. It’s easy to phone just about anything in. But when you take the time and effort to do something in person, it stands out. Because it’s you, not a machine. It’s your time, not someone else’s that you paid to handle it.

You can write a lot. Better to say it in person, when you can. When it really counts.