Be the One You’re Looking For

man in a balance
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Matthew 13:45

Here’s another way to say it: The goal is like a company’s purchasing agent, looking for the next great thing. She finds the deal of the century and uses every penny of the company’s reserved assets to buy it.

Like yesterday’s koan, you still need to be aware enough to recognize what is really valuable, and you still need to be courageous enough to act on what you know.

But unlike yesterday’s koan, this koan makes a subtle shift. Instead of the goal being the thing that is sought and bought, the goal is now the person doing the seeking and buying. In other words, the goal is no longer obtaining or having something, but being someone.

Put the two together, and you get – yet another koan. The goal is the object of the seeker, and the goal is the seeker of the object.

Did that blow your mind?


We Need You (And so Does Jesus)

Matthew 5:12-16

You are the zest the world needs! But if the zest goes blah, it’s time to throw it out and get some new zest.

You are the light the world needs! When you’re that good, of course you are going to stand out! You don’t install a light fixture in a black box; you put it where it will light the room. So go ahead! Stand out and let people see the great things you do so they can be inspired, too!

This is not a pep talk. This is serious.

The world needs you. We all need you.

There is something only you can do. Some flavor only you can add, some color only you can mix, some vision only you can articulate. There is some art that only you can make, some word only you can say. There is some gift that only you can give.

But if you’re timid. If you hold it back. If you let fear of standing out keep you from that thing that you have that the world needs… Well, just please, don’t let that happen.

Be not afraid! Take courage! Be bold! Go! Do it! Now!