Time Will Tell

Malachi 3:13-18

crew team
Photo credit: Matt

“You’ve said nasty things against me,” God says.

“How’s that?” you ask.

When you said, “Following God is useless. There’s no use following God’s instructions. Being a God-person is such a downer. People who have attitude are much happier. And besides, you can do anything you want where God is concerned and get away with it.”

But those who really did follow God stuck together, and God noticed, and God heard them, and God remembered them. In fact, God wrote their names down, so that on day of reckoning they would be claimed as God’s very own.

“As parents hold tight to their own children, I’ll hold tight to my own,” says God. “And then everyone will be able to tell between the good and the bad.”

Sometimes you can get away with a lot of crap for a long time. But don’t get too smug about it. Crap is unsustainable. Eventually, it hits the fan.

On the other hand, if you do good work, if you’re solid, that’s going to show, too. Eventually. But like anything worthwhile, it takes time and effort.

No doubt, it’s hard to keep at it, to stick to what’s important, when everyone else seems to be having such a grand time living the life of Riley. Even worse, when you’re being made fun of for following your calling. That’s when you have to remind yourself of what you’re working toward. That’s when you have to find folks who are following the same path, and stick together.