Going to the Birds (Is Not a Bad Thing)

Photo credit: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/vinothchandar/6874560581/">Vinoth Chandar</a>

Luke 12:24

Take the birds, for instance. They don’t invest in the market, or sweat over commodities futures. They don’t have bank accounts, or investment portfolios. But God provides what they need to get by.

This is Jesus’ remedy for the “if only” syndrome.

If only I had this. If only that would happen. If only someone would come around. If only I had that kind of job (instead of this one). If only…

It can go on forever. Even if you strike it rich, some other “if only” will come up.

Birds do what birds do. Every day. There is no “if only” for a bird. There is no waiting to fly. It’s only a matter of spreading your wings and pushing off.