Song 118 – Abridged (for Easter)

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Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24

Thank God, because God is good.
God’s love is always reliable.
Let Israel say:
“God’s love is always reliable.”
Let the clergy say:
“God’s love is always reliable.”
Let everyone who follow God say:
“God’s love is always reliable.”

God is where I find my strength.
God is my rescuer.
The doers of right
Are rejoicing in their homes:
God has won!
God is the best!
God has won!
I’m not going to die.
I’m going to live,
And I’m going to tell everyone
What God has done.
God was hard on me,
But God didn’t let me down.

Open the gates to what’s right
So I can enter through them
And thank God.
It’s God’s gate,
And those who do right will enter it.

I thank you for answering me,
And for helping me, and rescuing me.
The stone that didn’t pass quality control
Is now the stone holding up the whole building.
God did this. It’s amazing to see.
God made this day.
Let’s celebrate and live it up!