Song 22 – Abridged

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Psalm 22:23-31

Give God credit, you who respect God.
Say how good God is, descendents of Jacob,
And be amazed, descendents of Israel,
Because God didn’t shrug off
The torment of the troubled,
Nor did God hide from me
When I called out to God.

My admiration among the people
Comes straight from you.
I will do as I said,
With people who respect you as witnesses.
The poor will eat and have enough to spare,
People who seek God will praise God.
May all of you live forever!

The whole wide world will remember
And will acknowledge God.
Every race and nation
Will worship God,
Because God has the power
To rule over everything.
Even those who are dead and buried
Will acknowledge God.

The dead will acknowledge God,
And I will live for God.
Those yet to be born will hear about God
And will tell how God rescues
to others yet to come:
“God did it.”