Song 4

woman sleeping
Photo credit: <a href="">Casey Muir-Taylor</a>

Psalm 4

God, do right! Answer when I call.
When my hands were tied, you gave me wiggle room.
Now, listen to what I have to say.

As for you people,
How long must I endure you?
How long will you continue to be taken in by smooth talkers?
God will stick with those who stick with God.
When I talk, God listens.

When you’re desperate, don’t do wrong.
Better to keep quiet and sleep on it,
Offer what’s right,
Trust God.

Lots of people say,
“If only God would give us something good!
We wish we could see God’s face!”
You’ve given me more happiness
Than they have when their investments all pay off.

I can sleep at night,
Because I know God keeps me safe.

This poem is about grace under pressure.

Rather than take matters into one’s own hands, this poem’s advice is to take a step back, count to 10, sleep on it. Don’t take the first quick deal that comes along, just because it sounds good. And, above all, be true. In return, the wisdom of the poem offers divine protection, guidance, blessing, and peace.

The caveat is that sometimes one must wait quite a long time for divine vindication to come, and the longer the wait, the harder it is to resist the urge to react in unhealthy ways – letting anger get the better of us, taking a bad deal, losing our cool.

That doesn’t mean that one always remain passive. Rather, it means being responsive rather than reactive. It means acting in a way that remains true to who you really are, with intentionality, with authenticity. After all, when you go to sleep each night, how peacefully you sleep depends on how well aligned your actions are with what your dreams reveal to you.