Song 78 – First Stanza

Rock Spring
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Psalm 78:1-7

Listen to my teaching, people;
Hear what I say.
I will tell stories
And dark tales from the past,
Of things we’ve heard
From the mouths of our ancestors.

We won’t keep them from our children;
We will tell the next generation
What God has done
And how strong God is,
That they, too, may be filled with wonder.

God laid down the law for Jacob,
Gave directions to Israel,
And ordered our ancestors:
Teach these things to your children
So that the coming generation,
Children yet to be born,
Will know,
And tell their children
To hope in God,
And remember what God did,
And follow God’s ways.

Song 107 – Abridged

Water in the desertPsalm 107:1-7, 33-37

Thank God,
because God is good!
God’s true love is eternal.
Let those God bought back from slavery admit it:
God redeemed them from their captors;
God gathered them from all nations in every direction.

Some had roamed through the wastelands
Unable to find civilization,
Hungry and thirsty,
on the verge of death.

Then, in dire straits, they called on God,
And God saved them,
And led them easily,
Until they reached civilization.

God dries up the rivers,
Makes springs into deserts,
Loamy soil into salt flats –
Because the people who live there are evil.

God turns deserts into lakes,
Makes springs gush from arid wastes,
And, by God, the hungry live,
And they build homes,
And they plant crops and vineyards,
And harvest in abundance.

Song 90 – Abridged

circle of lifePsalm 90:1-6,13-17

You have been our home from the beginning.
Before the mountains rose,
And before you made the universe and the earth
You are God.

You are the circle of life: dust to dust.
A thousand years ago, to you,
Is only yesterday,
Only a night’s passing.

Our life is like dream slipping away
As the dew settles on the grass:
Fresh as morning dawns,
It withers with the sunset.

How long, God,
Until the circle turns again in our favor?
Reassure us of your love each morning,
So we can rejoice every day.
Make the tally of our good days
Catch up to our bad days,
And bring our years of affliction to an end.

Let us see what you are doing.
Let our children see how great you are.
Be good to us, God.
May our hard work finally pay off.
May our hard work finally pay off.

Song 99

Big Sky
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Psalm 99

God rules;
Empires are unstable.
God’s throne is out of human reach;
So the nations cower.
God’s capital city, Zion,
Outlasts all the other nations,
And they ought to be thankful for that:
God is way better!

King of Justice,
You enforce the laws of equality.
You make your people do what’s right.
That’s why we say you’re so great!
That’s why we bow before you!
You’re way better.

Moses and Aaron were your servants.
Samuel called on you, among others.
They shouted to you for help –
And God responded, speaking out of the haze,
And they followed directions, verbatim,
As God gave them.

God, you answered them.
You forgave them,
Even as you righted their wrongs.
That’s why we say you’re so great!
That’s why we bow before you!
Because you’re way better.