Song 106 – Abridged

Emil Nolde, Dance Around the Golden Calf, 1910
Emil Nolde, Dance Around the Golden Calf, 1910

Psalm 106: 1-6, 19-23

Say how good God is!
Thank God!
God is good
And God always loves.

Nobody can tell all the stories
Of everything God has done.
Nobody can publish the whole account.

People who strive for justice,
Who do what’s right –
They are psyched.

God, when you pass out the blessings
Be sure not to pass me!
I need your help!
I want to have what the blessed people have!
I want the joy of being in your nation!
I want the glory of being yours!

We have committed treason,
Just like our ancestors.
We’ve done wrong.
We’ve been evil.

They made a golden calf at that place of desolation,
And they worshiped it.
They traded God’s glory
For a grass-eating bull.
They forgot who freed them from Egypt,
Who did miracles in the slave-masters’ country,
Who delivered them through the sea.

But then, when God decided to annihilate them,
Moses, God’s favorite,
Talked God down,
So God’s anger didn’t carry the day.

Song 78 – Abridged

Rock Spring
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Psalm 78:1-4, 12-16

Listen to my teaching, people;
Hear what I say.
I will tell stories
And dark tales from the past,
Of things we’ve heard
From the mouths of our ancestors.

We won’t keep them from our children;
We will tell the next generation
What God has done
And how strong God is,
That they, too, may be filled with wonder.

As they looked on, God did miracles
From Egypt to Zoan.

God divided the sea,
So they passed through it
With waters piled up.

During the day God led them with a cloud.
During the night God led them by firelight.

God split rocks open in the desert,
So they could drink their fill from the deep.
God made fountains out of rocks
And water flowed down in rivers.


Song 105 – Abridged

Psalm 105:1-6, 37-45

Thank God.
Rely on God.
Tell everyone what God has done.
Sing, appreciate, and savor all God’s wonder.

Revel in God.
Let your heart thrill with the search for God.
Let God be your strength.
Always abide in God.

Remember all the great things God has done –
God’s deliverance and justice –
All descendants of Abraham and Jacob,
Chosen ones.

. . .

God freed Israel, and made them rich besides,
And on the journey, no one stumbled.

Egypt was glad to see them go,
They’d come to dread Israel’s presence.

God’s cloud covered them,
And lit up the night.

The people asked, and God gave them quail,
And fed them abundant food.


Desert Spring
(Photo Source Unknown)

God opened a spring from the rock,
A spring that flowed through the desert.

God remembered the promise to Abraham.

So God freed them to rejoice,
God chose them to sing,
God gave them other nations’ lands
And other people’s wealth
To do with it what is right
and carry out what is good.

Thank God!

Song 114

Psalm 114

When Israel escaped Egypt –
that is, Jacob’s descendants from those with forked tongues –
Judah was where to find God;
Israel was God’s country.

The sea fled before them,
And the River Jordan also swept back.
The mountains jumped out of the way like rams,
And the hills scattered like lambs.

Why, sea, did you flee?
Why, River, did you sweep back?
Why, mountains, did you jump?
Why, hills, did you scatter?

Quake before God, O earth!
Quake before Jacob’s God,
Who turned rock to water
And made flint-stone gush with water.