What Will You Do Today?

fern leaf
Photo credit: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/aussiegall/658457636/">Louise Docker</a>

Genesis 1:9-13

Then God said: “Land!” And the there was land, dry and earthy, distinct from the sea.

This was getting good. So God said, “Plants! Seeds! Trees! Fruit! All kinds of them!” And from the earth sprang up all kinds of plants and trees, bearing fruits of every description, and seeds. God saw how good it was. And so continued evening and morning. Day 3.

Day 1 brought order out of the formless void. Day 2 brought atmosphere.

Now, on Day 3, the pace accelerates. Instead of just one thing, all kinds of things start springing up. “This was getting good!” The variety of creation is nearly infinite.

But even more amazing than that is the capacity for renewal. The seeds. Resurrection built into the universe. Things die, but they leave behind the beginnings of something new. And the new thing is the same, but different, from what came before.

And, if resurrection is built into the universe, it’s built into you, too. Every day, you have another opportunity to be something wonderful. Every day, you have a new chance to do something great. Every day, you awake to more of the same, but different.

Some folks have a lot of trouble with the idea of resurrection. But if you have eyes to see, it happens every day. Everywhere.

Happy 3rd day! You’re awake! You’re up! You’re alive! Now, what wonderful thing will you do?