Top 10 Posts of 2011

ScarletLetterBible LogoScarlet Letter Bible “launched” on July 11, 2011 with a post that was actually posted on my other blog, I use the term “launched” in quotation marks because at the time I didn’t know that it would become its own separate project with way more success than PastorOnTheEdge had been. But that post and the few other initial posts exploring the scriptures for upcoming lectionary passages caught on. By the end of August Scarlet Letter Bible was well on it’s way.

On this New Year’s Eve, I want to pause and to thank every one of Scarlet Letter Bible‘s readers. Even if you’ve just stopped by a time or two to see if there was anything you could incorporate into a sermon, I appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me to instigate your thoughts. And even more if you’re a subscriber, for extending me the welcome of your already overflowing email inbox each day. The chance to ship something every day that is worthy of that privilege is enormous, and I take it very seriously.

So without further introduction, here are the top 10 most viewed posts of 2011:

  1. Jesus Takes (and Gives) a Bar Exam
  2. Behind the Scenes at Bernie Madoff’s: A Parable
  3. A Christmas to Remember
  4. Are you the Revolutionary?
  5. Trump Real Estate Venture Goes Bad: A Parable
  6. Not Quite Like Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat
  7. Mary’s Miracle
  8. A Simple 5-Line Prayer that Really Works
  9. How Empires Are Undone
  10. Find that Child

Happy New Year!