When a Book Club Is Not a Book Club

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2 John 7-11

The world is full of liars. They say Jesus was a hoax. People who say that are liars. They’re the Antichrist. Watch out! Don’t lose everything you’ve worked so hard for! Claim what’s yours!

If you don’t stick with Jesus, but go out on your own, God help you. If you stick with what you’ve been taught, God and Jesus will stick with you.

If someone tries to tell you something else, keep away from them. It’s like inviting trouble to invite them.

There was once a book club. It was a nice book club. Everyone loved to get together to discuss what they were reading at their weekly meetings.

At one of their meetings, the hostess served wine and cheese. It was lovely. Everyone agreed. What a lovely touch, having such elegant refreshments. Over the next few months, more and more of the members, when it was their turn to host the club’s meetings, began to serve wine and cheese.

It was so lovely that club members soon began inviting some of their friends. “Come to our book club,” they said. “We have wine and cheese.”

It wasn’t long before many of the club members started showing up for meetings without having read the material. In the moments of awkward silence when nobody had anything to say about the book of the week, discussions began to center around the wine and cheese. A year later, the group still called itself a book club, but they no longer bothered to read or discuss any books at their wine and cheese meetings.

True story. Is your church about doing the Jesus thing, or is it about the wine and cheese?

Or, as the Elder would say, “Watch out! Don’t lose everything you’ve worked so hard for! Claim what’s yours!”

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