Matthew 28:8-10

 The women ran from the graveyard, giddy with joy and terrified at the same time, to tell the apprentices. As they were on their way, suddenly they came upon Jesus himself.
 "Hey there," he said.
 They were overcome with devotion and grabbed hold of him by his feet.
 "Don't be afraid," he said. Tell my people to go back to Anytown. They'll catch up with me there."

Giddy with joy, and at the same time terrified. Desperate to hang on, lest the ones we've loved and lost walk away (again!), and at the same time assured that the love we cling to in vain is to be found, not in our grasp, but in the ordinary places we've always known. This is our story.

In the Gospel Jesus meets us where we are, suddenly, as we're running along waffling between our uncertain hopes and fears. In the Easter encounter with Jesus, he has three bits of advice to share:

  1. Don't allow fear to win.
  2. Invite other friends to join with you for the journey (you don't have to go back home alone), and
  3. Meet him again in the most ordinary places.

(Photo by bruno costa on Unsplash)