The first edition of the Scarlet Letter Bible ran from July, 2011 to May, 2012. It was a good run, if short. There was even a 6-session Bible study guide for Lent that year.

The concept was to publish daily short studies, plus weekly studies on each of the Revised Common Lectionary's 4 Sunday texts, each with a rendition of the text that was more of an expression of the original intent set in a modern North American cultural context, rather than a strict translation, or even a transliteration. I thought the whole thing would be rather scandalous: thus the name of the project. But it wasn't. Or maybe it was, but the right people to make a stink about it never found out.

8 years have passed, and the magnitude and intensity of idiocy in America has continued to grow. Then, Donald Trump was a joke with a reality TV show. He was featured in the Scarlet Letter Bible then as the despotic asshole ruler in several of Jesus' parables. Now, he is the despotic asshole ruler. Times have changed. Then again, we were living in the much-nearer shadow of 9/11 and the Gulf wars, events that "changed everything". Now, we're living in the shadow of corvid-19, and everything is changing. So maybe times have not changed that much.

Then, the Scarlet Letter Bible was a small attempt to resist and to help others resist the idiocy, especially faith-based idiocy, by reflecting on Biblical texts without resorting to magical explanations. Now, in spite of corvid-19 Easter is approaching. It's time to start again.

Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash