The last post on the 1st edition of the Scarlet Letter Bible was May 17, 2012:

Rich Like a Day Lily

Take the day lilies, for instance. They don’t put in overtime or work themselves to death. But not even Donald Trump, with his fortune, has any chance of looking as good as they do. They bloom only for a few days, and the next day they’re just fire starter. It’s no great leap of faith to see that if God cares for them, God cares for you.
– Luke 12:27-28

With this, Jesus says that working hard to get ahead is a waste of time. Not working hard, mind you, but working hard to get ahead.

Wealth, and anything that wealth can get us, is a mirage. Temporary. Transient. As the Buddhists might say, impermanent. Striving after these things is bound to make us old before our time, to burn us out.

Neither is there any use wearing ourselves and God out by praying for wealth. In spite of what you might hear from the likes of Joel Osteen or Creflo Dollar, wealth is not a measure of God’s blessing. Never has been, never will be.

Jesus’ says you are worthy of being cared for apart from anything you have to show for yourself.

Now that you don’t have to work to prove how much better-off you are, you’re free to do what’s really important.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash